Trump Career Announcement – Millions Shocked

With the 2020 election edging closer and Democrats already lining up to run, an announcement about President Trump’s political strength has stunned liberals nationwide.

One key battleground state has refused to join the 16 other states suing Trump over his emergency declaration to solve our border crisis: Pennsylvania. On ‘Fox & Friends First,’ Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) said,  “I think Pennsylvania has a little different view about what’s going on.”

Congressman Kelly went on to discuss how Pennsylvania is looking at what’s best for itself, and that’s why his state hasn’t joined the lawsuit. He encouraged “policy over politics” and doing “what’s best for the people you represent,” which is refreshing to hear from a politician.

“The immigration problem has been a problem since day one,” said Kelly. “If we can’t look at the emergency situation we have at our border right now, then I’m telling people you need to stop running for office.”

Kelly was then asked about the coup against President Trump from within our own government, and he did not hold back. “This small group of elitists have decided that this president shouldn’t be there” and think “Americans made a mistake” electing him.

The truth is, Trump “has changed this entire economy around, and all America is better for it,” remarked Kelly. It’s safe to say that Pennsylvania isn’t on lockdown like Democrats were hoping.

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