Trump Calls SECRET Meeting… Exclusive Details Released

President Trump just called a secret meeting and the exclusive details have been released. The world is now preparing for what will happen next.

After meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the G-7 summit in France, Trump declared that the two nations will have a “very big trade deal” now that relations have been reset and once Brexit moves forward.

The two leaders seemed cordial at the summit — with both complementing each other publicly. Trump said that Johnson was “the  right man for the job,” while Johnson praised Trump as well, specifically on the economy.

After the icy relationship that developed between Trump and former Prime Minister Teresa May, this is certainly a welcome partnership. Trump and Johnson seem to have forged a strong relationship right out of the gate.

In addition to the upcoming trade deal that will eventually materialize after Brexit is completed, there’s a new sense of optimism concerning our most vital alliance in Europe.

As Trump himself remarked, Johnson “needs no advice” and is “a new person” not tied to the political baggage left by his predecessor. America and the U.K. are standing together again.

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