BREAKING: Donald Trump Finally Vindicated – Nation IS Going To Pay For It…

President Trump always seem to have a bone to pick when it came to Germany’s involvement with NATO.

First of all, in order to be a part of NATO, your country has to meet certain thresholds on defense spending. This lets your allies know that you’re at least making an attempt to defend yourself, and not just depend on your teammates to bail you out.

Germany has never done that, even when they promised they would.

Until now.

FINALLY, after realizing that being part of NATO is serious business because of the Russia invasion of Ukraine, Germany has agreed to spend 2% of its GDP on defense.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz made the announcement after Germany was absolutely LAMBASTED by it’s own Chief of Army, Alfons Mais.

“The army that I am allowed to lead, is more or less bare,” Mais claimed. “The policy options we can offer in support of the Alliance are extremely limited. We all saw it coming and were unable to get our arguments through to draw and implement the conclusions of the Crimean annexation. That doesn’t feel good! I’m disturbed.”

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