BREAKING: They’re MOVING To Texas – Trump Was Right…

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzer is trying to put on a brave face, but we know its all an act.

The Democrat is absolutely reeling from the departure of major business Caterpillar, who recently bolted for Texas.

The construction-vehicle manufacturer isn’t the only company to leave Illinois recently for a Republican state, and surely it won’t be the last.

Liberal states all over the country are losing businesses like crazy.

In December, Tesla officially moved its headquarters from California to Texas.

Megastar podcaster Joe Rogan moved his operation from California to the Lone Star State as well.

Governor J.B. Pritzer can keep telling himself its okay all he wants, but as long as the liberal nonsense stays, businesses aren’t going to.

If one of the biggest businesses in the state packing up and leaving is what J.B. calls an Illinois “on the rise,” I’d hate to see what it takes for him to admit defeat.

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