Breaking: Donald Trump breaks silence, exposes federal crime

When Trump campaigned to drain the swamp, his supporters and even moderate Republicans cheered right back at him. During the 2016 election, most people assumed the swamp was made of ineffective politicians and lazy bureaucrats, but wow were they wrong. It was so much worse…

The swamp was also full of corrupt officials and top law enforcement officers like James Comey and Andrew McCabe, and now Trump is calling them out directly. On Sunday the president sent out a tweet showing that James Comey lied while delivering testimony to Congress… under oath.

McCabe was just fired because he leaked information to the press, and Comey knew about it. But Comey lied to investigators about it. Mueller’s team has been indicting people for lying to investigators for months; will Comey be added to that list? If justice is truly blind, he will. (Read More…)

Meghan McCain shares new photo of her father in Arizona

It’s been a tough road for Sen. McCain these last few months. The aggressive brain cancer from which he suffers has threatened to take him out, but he hasn’t given up. In fact, it looks like the tough old senator is doing surprisingly well.

A new picture shared by his daughter, Meghan, depicts McCain smiling optimistically, seemingly ready to take on some important future challenges. Despite his recent controversy with President Trump, related to the Steele Dossier, everyone wants the stalwart war hero to prevail in his fight with cancer. I wish him the best and believe he’ll pull through stronger for it. (Read More…)

Vladimir Putin wins re-election in landslide

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a dictator can win an election by an enormous margin because the elections obviously aren’t fair or free. But that’s what 4-term president, Vladimir Putin has just done… again. At the end of this 6-year term, he will have spent a total of 24 years as president of Russia.

That’s on top of the 4 years he spent quietly in power while Dimitry Medvedev symbolically held the position, bringing his total time in power for nearly three decades. And Putin won by 76%, according to the Russian election commission. If he keeps this up, he can take lifetime tenure, like the Chinese president just did.

Free countries will always outlive dictators because they ensure their own downfalls. Russia’s current regime is no exception. (Read More…)

Ivanka Trump’s helicopter forced to land after engine failure

Even with all the money and success in the world, things can still go wrong. When Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner took off from Ronald Reagan airport last Thursday in a helicopter, they assumed they’d be in New York in no time, but that’s not what happened.

Instead, the helicopter’s engine failed and they were forced to turn around and land back at the airport. No one was hurt in the incident, but it’s a reminder that tragedy can strike at any time. We never know when something horrible and life-changing can happen. Thankfully it wasn’t worse. (Read More…)

Consumerism is the ultimate emotional scam – it never delivers

Almost everyone rejects consumerism in theory, but in the real world it’s killing us socially, financially, culturally, and emotionally. Consumerism is the orphan maker, leading to generations of children growing up with new toys but absent, distracted parents.

Consumerism is the financial annihilator, leading to financial decisions being based on spending money rather than achieving personal, family, and social goals. Consumerism is the great culture killer, obliterating authentic cultural identity with a mindless, vague existence based on what one consumes rather than who one is.

Here’s how to avoid the greatest trap facing modern Americans today. (Read More…)

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