Trump Bombshell – He Did The Unthinkable

President Trump is always shocking the establishment and surprising Americans will his strong, thoughtful leadership. Now he is turning heads again with a move that many consider unthinkable.

As a result of Trump’s push to secure funding for the border wall, the funds now exist to build over half of it — 445 miles out of the 722 outlined by his plan. This simply wouldn’t have been possible without his emergency declaration and congressional action.

Assuming, of course, that Trump’s declaration survives a legal challenge, members of Congress will feel the pressure to provide the additional funding to complete the entire wall or face the electoral consequences from constituents.

Republicans in the U.S. Senate thinking about voting to disapprove Trump’s declaration better think twice. This entire situation is due to their inaction to provide border security for America, and Trump had no choice but to act.

Farmers, ranchers, and other business owners at the border are tired of the illegal drugs and human trafficking; the human and economic toll is too much to bear. Without adequate security at our southern border, the problems will only grow.

Congress needs to decide whether they stand with Trump and America or with the likes of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who recently said, “There’s a mythology of a crisis at the border.” You cannot get more delusional than that. It’s time to choose.

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