Trump makes big ‘gun’ announcement – do you support it?

Something different looks to be brewing in American politics. People on both sides of the political spectrum are fed up with mass shootings and want something done about them.

President Trump has personally offered up one change that could save lives. He wants to allow teachers who are trained and willing to arm themselves to protect their students.

The president’s rationale is that it generally takes too long for first responders to arrive on the scene, and the shooting is often over by then. If a portion of faculty were armed, and there were a few armed guards, the school would overall be much safer. His idea certainly makes sense to me. (Read More…)

Rev. Billy Graham’s final message was one of accountability and love

Reverend Billy Graham passed away Wednesday, at the age of 99. He had a long and illustrious career of preaching the gospel and advocating for morality in government and public policy. His efforts focused on affecting the culture by introducing people to Christianity and encouraging them to pursue lives of faith.

Even up until his death, he was still preaching. His final public message was delivered on Facebook. In his message, the reverend encouraged his readers to stay on God’s path to avoid hardship in life. Straying from that path might feel liberating for a while, he noted, but in the end, it just leads to discontent and struggle.

Till the very end, Graham was always the faithful shepherd. (Read More…)

Man blows himself up after hurling grenade into the US embassy in Montenegro

On Wednesday night, a man named Dalibor Jaukovic attacked the American embassy in Montenegro. Around midnight, he approached the embassy, lobbed a grenade over the wall and then proceeded to detonate an explosive vest he had strapped to his chest. Thankfully, the only person Jaukovic managed to kill was himself.

Police don’t believe that he was motivated by religion or other ideology so they’re not calling it terrorism at the moment. What they think is that Jaukovic was a very troubled man and may have just wanted to hurt people. That is something we’ve seen too much of lately. Police are still investigating so the story could change. I’m just glad he didn’t manage to hurt anyone else. (Read More…)

Bus plunges off cliff in Peru, killing 44

The tragedies just keep coming this month. This one is gruesome. A double-decker bus was traveling through a pass in the Andes mountain range. At around 1:30 am, the bus was proceeding on the Pan-American highway when it veered off the road, tumbling 260 feet down and crashing into a ravine below.

Rescue workers were unable to reach the scene until dawn. 11 critically injured people were airlifted to a nearby hospital while 44 others tragically perished. It’s not known yet how many people were actually on the bus because of the frequent stops it made to drop off or pick up passengers. At this point, we can only pray that the survivors will be able to recover fully. (Read More…)

MSNBC unfairly accuses Donald Trump Jr. of pushing conspiracy theories

Fake news is everywhere, apparently. After the Parkland, Florida school shooting, a variety of conspiracy theories have cropped up from fringe commentators, predominately on the right side of the political spectrum. Some have contended that the shooting was staged or fake, while others have said that the Parkland school students who spoke out after the event were not students at all but “crisis actors.” There’s no evidence for these claims, of course.

But earnest critics analyzing the situation did make some reasonable critiques about the media coverage of the event, and those very same students. One of the students, David Hogg, is the son of a former FBI agent. In some of the clips where Hogg is speaking to the news media, he defends the FBI, who clearly fumbled the ball on Nikolas Cruz.

When Donald Trump Jr. acknowledged this by liking some tweets pointing this out, MSNBC’s Ali Velshi accused him of propagating the conspiracy theories, when he did nothing of the sort. In the end, Velshi created fake news of his own by insinuating that Donald Jr. was endorsing these theories, rather than pointing out that the FBI shouldn’t be let off the hook. (Read More…)

Trump considering a variety of gun control measures

As the tension has risen over gun control since last week, President Trump has signaled that he’s open to reforms. And as noted, he’s even put forward a policy of his own that could make a huge difference in protecting children while in school. Trump hasn’t stopped there, however, indicating that he’s open to even more broad-based reform.

For instance, he has said that certain people could be banned from purchasing firearms altogether. This could be the best way of protecting innocents, so his reasoning goes; prevent unstable people from owning weapons while vetting other gun owners and applicants to ensure that they would not be a threat.

I’m always naturally wary of any curtailing of Second Amendment rights, but I’ll withhold my full judgment until the policy details are released. (Read More…)

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