Trump Accuser SHOCKS D.C. – It’s Over, Goodbye

A high-profile Trump accuser just shocked Washington, DC. It is finally over, and Democrats are outraged. They have one less ‘controversy’ to use during the 2020 election.

Former Trump campaign staffer Alva Johson has dropped her lawsuit against President Trump, claiming it is “a huge mountain to climb” to prove her allegations of misconduct. U.S. District Judge William Jung also dismissed the lawsuit in June.

Johnson claimed that Trump “pulled her close to him and tried kissing her” in August of 2016, according to Breitbart News. She continues to allege “that he thinks he can violate your personal space, that he can kiss women without permission.”

However, as previously noted, U.S. District Judge William Jung threw out her lawsuit — he called it a “political lawsuit” — and then-White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders had much to say about it as well.

Sanders said, “This accusation is absurd on its face. This never happened and is directly contradicted by multiple highly credible eye witness accounts.”

Democrats were likely hoping that Johnson would become an ally, but this turn of events doesn’t bode well for the idea. Johnson isn’t pursuing the case anymore and it stands on shaky legal ground.

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