Trey Gowdy Makes It Official – Fox Audience Stunned

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) just made it official, and his Fox News audience is stunned. He has surprised millions of people with this announcement.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s show, Gowdy threw cold water on the Democrats’ planned media circus with special counsel Robert Mueller. Gowdy said that “Mueller doesn’t want to come” to the hearing “because he’s not going to deviate from his report.”

Gowdy continued: “What you’re going to get are these incendiary questions about obstruction and impeachment. You’re not going to learn anything next Wednesday that you don’t already know.”

To recap: After much prodding, Democrats finally backed Mueller into a corner and forced him to appear for testimony about election ‘collusion’ between the Trump campaign and Russia. But this is a dead issue in the minds of the American people.

Even after a two-hour investigation, which was a sham from the start, Mueller couldn’t bring himself to recommend any further action; he refused to charge Trump with anything. Shocked Democrats have been reeling ever since.

But as Gowdy himself said, Democrats are going to be severely disappointed in Mueller’s upcoming testimony. In most instances, as Mueller is peppered with made-for-TV questions, he’s going to respond that he simply “cannot answer.”

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