Trey Gowdy Makes It Official – Big Fox News Decision…

Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News’ Hannity, and he had one clear-eyed insight about Robert Mueller’s testimony⁠— if Mueller reveals anything of substance, he’s messed up big time.

“I think what the Democrats are going to focus on is, had that [Justice Department] policy not been in place [against indicting a sitting president], would you have indicted private citizen Donald Trump? That’s the only thing that can come out of this for the Democrats that would be significant,” Gowdy said on Hannity.

Gowdy offered this piece of advice to Republican lawmakers: ask Mueller about all the things he “didn’t bother to look for” during an investigation that lasted two years.

“Trust me when I say, Sean … We’re not going to learn a lot unless he fumbles. The answer from my point of view, the Republican point of view, if he fumbles, the answer on why he did not indict Donald Trump, then this thing will continue to go on for another six to nine, twelve months,” Gowdy warned on Hannity.

Mueller’s testimony is scheduled for July 24th.

Mueller is walking a tightrope with this testimony. If he says something that could be misconstrued, America ends up with another costly witchhunt.

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