Trey Gowdy Is BACK… Media Rumors Confirmed

Trey Gowdy went on air to blast Adam Schiff. The rumors were true: Schiff is a total liar.

Adam Schiff, who is the House intelligence chairman, read a dramatic interpretation of the call between Trump and the President of Ukraine during a hearing.

Now being dramatic and playing it for a joke would be fine, except Schiff went on to say, “This is the essence of what the president communicates.” That is where Gowdy came in to say that Schiff is “Making up” evidence.

It went from a joke to Schiff implying his parody was meant to be mostly true. Schiff was no longer joking, he was lying in his official capacity as chairman of the House intelligence committee.

Such “humor” is unadvisable in any case. The hysterical movement against Trump was always meant to take Schiffs words as fact.

So far, Schiff hasn’t apologized for attempting to pass off his joke as the truth. He really needs to make it clear to everyone what he meant. If he doesn’t, is he really fit to be the chairman of such an important committee? Maybe Gowdy can come out of retirement and help get rid of politicians like Schiff.

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