Trey Gowdy Career Decision… Millions In Shock

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), who stunned admirers and colleagues by retiring from Congress in his prime, just shocked millions with his new career decision.

Even though he’s no longer in Congress, Gowdy hasn’t stopped serving others. He has reportedly ben hired by property owners in his home state of South Carolina to represent them in a legal dispute.

Residents in the community of Laken Bowen, frustrated with their local water company, Spartanburg Water, informed Spartanburg City Council about the decision.

Lake Bowen resident Matt Spencer said, “Trey Gowdy has been hired by our group.” He is one of the residents concerned about the water company trying to enforce new property regulations for ‘water quality’ reasons.

A local report noted that the water company did not return a request for comment, likely leading many to believe they were caught off guard by Trey ‘The Bulldog’ Gowdy coming in to fight them.

This just proves that not every politician is out for himself. Gowdy, while no longer a congressman, is still living out his conservative values and looking out for the little guy.

Read the full story here.

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