Tragic Tucker Carlson Announcement – Rumors Were True

Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson has confirmed the rumors by releasing a tragic announcement about the future. Americans should be very concerned.

Carlson said that “the American media has changed f0rever” over the last two years, with some news organizations “now extinct” or “totally forgotten,” and others that have “degraded themselves beyond recognition.”

He made this announcement on his show, ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ and made it clear what we’re up against with a media that is openly hostile to journalistic ethics — we no longer have  “prestige outlets”  and instead have publications like BuzzFeed.

Pointing out how BuzzFeed started as what amounts to nothing more than a “cat blog” with amusing videos and quizzes about our feline friends, Carlson brought viewers back to an alarming moment when they tried to actually report the news.

“Well, in early 2017, we found out the site released the now famous Trump dossier. It was a catalog of salacious and unverified gossip financed by the DNC originally about President-elect Trump,” remarked Carlson.

He continued, “Many other news outlets, nearly all of them anti-Trump, had seen the dossier, but passed on it. It was just too irresponsible to run.” Yet BuzzFeed, by running it anyway, exposed themselves as part of this new, alarming wave of fake news consumed by the masses.

See the full story here.

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