Tragic Sean Hannity Announcement – We Suspected This

A judge ordered the release of texts that proves that Robert Mueller effectively spied on a member of the media, namely Sean Hannity.

NBC reports:

“Ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort exchanged hundreds of text messages with Fox News host Sean Hannity after the longtime GOP operative was charged in the special counsel’s probe, according to court documents released Friday.”

Hundreds of texts between Hannity and Manafort being released is proof of Mueller essentially spying on a media member.

This kind of spying should be alarming to liberty lovers.

Many knew from the beginning that the Mueller investigation was a political farce, but still, it went on.

The government’s power to surveil us is growing too powerful if a media member like Hannity can be spied upon without consequences. All of us need to be ready for further violations of our privacy.

Read the full story here.

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