Tragic News For Nancy Pelosi – Trump Is Celebrating

A new poll shows that voters in swing states like Pennsylvania and Ohio don’t support impeaching President Donald Trump, One America News Network reported.

Nancy Tennet of Women For Trump said 500,000 new manufacturing jobs and record-low unemployment have endeared working class voters to Trump–even many Democrats who have called her radio program and said they would vote to re-elect the president.

Democrat support for impeachment has risen overall since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced a so-called impeachment inquiry there, but Republicans are still overwhelmingly opposed to the action.

Some swing voters said they were tired of the polarization, while others were worried that impeachment would only benefit Trump by making him an underdog and getting him backlash votes.

Still others worried about wasting taxpayers’ money on endless investigations that went nowhere, while some said they had made up their mind about Trump long ago and nothing could change it now.

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