Tragic Ivanka Trump Notice – Family Devastated

A Minnesota newspaper has come under fire for publishing a sexist cartoon of Ivanka Trump. Her brain was depicted in the cartoon as being so full of fashion and men (including her daddy) that there was only a tiny bit left for foreign policy.

The cartoon suggested that because the President’s daughter is attractive and well-dressed, that she can’t also be smart. It was intended to criticize her involvement in the G20 Summit last week, where she spoke to world leaders about female entrepreneurship and empowerment.

It is an old and overused tactic to suggest that women are only concerned with fashion and other shallow things. It is meant to sideline them so they can’t participate in an equal way.

It’s not surprising that the media is still trying to use the tactic in 2019 against a woman affiliated with Trump. Can’t really call her conservative because what she believes about issues has been unclear at best.

But her work in the Trump administration makes her a target, even though she has behaved impeccably over the past two-plus years. It’s really rather sad that the media has to attack her just because of her gender and who her father is.

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