BREAKING: Diane Feinstein Gets TRAGIC Diagnosis – Democrats Panicking…

For supporters of Dianne Feinstein, you made need to relax your expectations moving forward.

She’s experiencing a SERIOUS mental decline.

Even members of her own party are saying that the 88-year-old is no longer fit to serve.

Remember, Feinstein isn’t ancient history, she is a CURRENT member of the Senate, having served the state of California since 1992.

Democrats who have gotten close to her are speaking out though, saying there’s no way she could possibly be doing what’s best for her citizens with her mental capacity where it’s at.

On anonymous Democrat in Congress insists that they’ve been having policy discussions regularly with Feinstein for 15 years. However, when they recently approached her, Dianne was reduced to meaningless small talk like constantly asking what matters to voters again and again.

Despite having met many times before, Feinstein apparently asked the source to identify themselves several times.

If this is how she’s acting around people she’s known for fifteen years, how can she possibly be adequately serving her citizens?

The answer is obvious: she can’t be.

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