Tragic Accident – Michelle Obama Reportedly…

A major accident just occurred and former First Lady Michelle Obama was involved, but it’s entirely her fault. This is unbelievable.

After Obama compared the current state of our nation to a “divorced dad” in an interview with Stephen Colbert, she accidentally drew the ire of none other than CNN. Reporter Dana Bash didn’t hold back her criticism.

“To make the analogy that divorced dads, for someone like Michelle Obama, is remarkably unwoke, to use the term that the kids use. This is not the 1950s and there are lots of divorced dads,” said Bash.

She continued: “I would venture to say that most divorced dads who don’t just have their kids on the weekends but have their kids as a major co-parent. What’s up with this?”

Ticking off CNN is a difficult thing to do if you’re an Obama, especially when you’re used to red carpet treatment from the mainstream media. Obama’s intent, of course, was to disparage President Trump’s leadership.

“Sometimes you spend weekends with divorced dad and that feels like it’s fun but then you get sick — that’s what America’s going through. We’re kind of living with divorced dad right now,” said Obama. Disgusting.

Read the full story here.

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