Tragedy Strikes Trump Family – This Is Devastating

September 14, 2019

Tragedy just struck the family of President Trump. This report is absolutely devastating — no one deserves to be treated with such malice.

Liberal co-host of ‘The View,’ Joy Behar, attacked the Trump children on national TV. She said, “There’s stories about them being a dynasty — that after Trump is gone, then the next idiot and then the next idiot and then the next idiot.”

She continued: “This family is filled with mediocrities. Trump, to his credit, is a hideous, charismatic con man — that has a little potential for something. These other ones have nothing.”

Behar was especially nasty towards Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump. Co-host Meghan McCain also lobbed criticisms at Ivanka, saying she doesn’t “know what she does all day, hasn’t necessarily lived up to the hype.”

To her credit, Abby Huntsman — whose father, Jon Huntsman, served in the Trump Administration — defended Ivanka from Behar and McCain’s attacks.

Huntsman noted that she has spent a lot of time with Ivanka and feels bad for the Trump children. As the daughter of a politician herself, Huntsman knows about the pressure. Perhaps McCain should remember what that’s like, and Behar should just shut her mouth.

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