Tragedy Strikes Tom Brady – Pray For The Family

Love him or hate him, all sports fans have to acknowledge that Tom Brady is a legendary football player. It isn’t a stretch to say he is the greatest of all time. All of that is due to incredible hard work and discipline, with the help of an equally legendary coach.

Tragically there are terrible people tearing down Brady’s incredible legacy – all in the name of identity politics.

In one such example, a professor at the University of Rhode Island said that Brady’s popularity is due to the “latest wave of white rage and white supremacy.”

The professor even had a whole chapter of his book dedicated to examining how Brady represents white supremacy. A big part of that is his “relationship” with President Trump.

These kind of allegations are disgusting from an intellectual perspective, and from a sports perspective.

Brady’s most avid haters understand his incredible accomplishments. To try and take that away by making unfounded and outlandish allegations is despicable.

Read the full story here.

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