TRAGEDY Strikes NASCAR… I Was Afraid Of This

A group that works with companies that advertise with NASCAR has reported that the organization is undergoing a “gradual shift” on the Second Amendment that has led to the rejection of the ads of some gun manufacturers and sellers.

Dark Storm Industries says that it was told that an ad featuring an assault rifle would not be accepted for placement in a NASCAR publication because of this shift, the Daily Wire reported.

“NASCAR decided to turn their back on their customer base, joining the likes of Yeti, Dick’s and Under Armour,” Dark Storm Industries posted on Instagram with a detailed story of their ad being rejected.

National Event Publications told Dark Storm that it could not feature assault or sniper rifles in its ads and suggested that ads could still feature concealed carry endorsement and gun safety classes.

It’s a tragedy that NASCAR has decided to put left-wing politics into its brand. A significant amount of backlash has been reported since the changes were announced.

Read the full story here.

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