TRAGEDY Strikes – Justice Kavanaugh Has Been…

In yet another tragic indication that politics has become irredeemable, the left is once again leveling questionable accusations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

After the absolute trainwreck that was the confirmation hearings for Kavanaugh, you would think that the left had had enough.

The latest accusation comes from a former classmate who says he witnessed a drunk Kavanaugh expose himself to a female classmate. Kavanaugh’s classmates then proceeded to press him towards her, resulting in unwanted contact.

The FBI was alerted of these allegations during the hearings, but chose not to investigate.

Considering the political motivations of other stories about Kavanaugh, one would be naive to accept the allegations without scrutiny.

Inappropriate behavior at drunken college parties is something that we as a culture need to deal with. But it’s also clear that the presumption of innocence is more important than ever in our hyperpolarized political culture. Stay tuned for more as this story develops.

Read the full story here.

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