Tragedy Strikes Joe Biden – Family Devastated

Tragedy just struck former Vice President Joe Biden and his family is devastated. This could be the end of his presidential campaign.

In the crucial state of Wisconsin, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts holds a firm 5-point lead over her closing Democratic opponent — and it’s not even Joe Biden. Warren currently has 29% support compared to Sen. Bernie Sanders with 24%.

Biden is in third place with 20% and this should be cause for concern. Long considered to be the one who could unite the Democratic Party, he is quickly losing favor with the party’s base as they become more socialist.

This just goes to show how radical the party is becoming — not even Biden, an avowed anti-Trump liberal, stands a chance against  Marxists like Warren and Sanders.

But should Warren or Sanders emerge from the Democratic primary, President Trump’s victory will be even easier. America is a center-right country and has no desire to embrace full-tilt socialism as a governing model.

When it comes to Biden, however, one has to wonder how much longer he can hang on. If polls in early primary states continue to look this bad, his money will dry up and he’ll have no choice but to drop out.

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