Top Trump enemy resigns

The end has come for Steve Bannon. He hit his stride in the White House in early 2017, crescendoed shortly thereafter, and then began a steep and steady decline. He was removed from the White House by Trump after extended infighting between factions. After leaving he went back to Breitbart and began pushing for new populist candidates including Roy Moore. Even after Moore’s sexual misconduct allegations, Bannon kept backing him.

Then came the Michael Wolff book, in which Bannon was caught talking smack about Trump and Donald Trump Jr. That was the last straw. Trump blasted Bannon on Twitter and the Mercers (major funders of Bannon’s projects) pulled away from him. Now this: Bannon has just resigned from Breitbart, under serious pressure from the site’s leadership.

Bannon’s hubris was astounding and it made his downfall all but inevitable. (Read More…)

Maxine Waters writes bizarre poem about Mueller jailing Trump and his ‘Kremlin Klan’

The Rosie O’Donnell of Congress is at it again. Rep. Maxine Waters of California just tweeted out an incredibly odd poem about Mueller putting Trump and members of his administration in prison. The poem was as cringe-worthy as it was stupid. Waters and her ilk somehow still believe, after a year of investigation, that President Trump colluded with Russia. Let’s get real. There is no collusion, and there never was.

Hillary Clinton lost fair and square because she was a bad candidate and America doesn’t like her. Waters can write all the bad poetry she wants, but there’s not a shred of evidence for the Democrat narrative. Instead of writing poems Maxine, you should start writing an apology to Americans for pushing a never-ending lie. (Read More…)

Pictures: Oprah’s ‘history’ with Harvey Weinstein should disqualify her from office

Oprah is a hypocrite. Plain and simple. She and all of the virtue-signaling sycophants in Hollywood love to put on a good show and talk about how high-minded they are while rubbing shoulders with perverts at award shows. Oprah, like so many others, has engaged in this hypocrisy for years, and recently surfaced photos prove it.

In these pictures, you can see Oprah hanging off of Harvey Weinstein, and kissing him on the cheek. Keep in mind that Weinstein’s predations were an open secret in Hollywood. Oprah isn’t stupid. She knew and did nothing, and now she has the gall to talk about sexual assault at an award show?

What’s worse is the media glorifies her for it. Shameful. (Read More…)

Lara Trump: It will be even harder for Democrats to beat Trump in 2020

President Trump’s daughter in law, Lara, just put a damper on the Democrat Party’s overblown hopes for a successful presidential election in 2020. Lara said Oprah should “sit this one out” and noted that beating Trump will be much more difficult than anyone expects because he’ll be running on a record of serious achievement.  And she’s right. Love or hate Trump, his first year has been surprisingly successful. (Read More…)

Juanita Broaddrick, Clinton rape victim, slams Oprah’s Golden Globes speech

Juanita Broaddrick’s story is probably the most harrowing one told by Bill Clinton’s victims. She was raped by Bill and then summarily dismissed by the mainstream media despite the credibility of her claims. All sexual abuse is absolutely disgraceful and the abusers shouldn’t be protected from consequences because of their political affiliation. Bill and Hillary both worked to silence and discredit Broaddrick and she never received justice. No one supported her, least of all the denizens of Tinsel Town.

So when Oprah went on her indignant tirade against sexual assaults (that she helped to enable), Juanita Broaddrick had to speak up. Broaddrick tweeted that she’s never heard Oprah even mention her name. Nor has she ever denounced her good friend Bill Clinton — who is clearly a part of the problem. It’s yet another double standard on sexual assault perpetuated by leftists and the media. (Read More…)

NY Democrat charged with stealing hurricane relief money, using it to buy lavish gifts

A Democrat in the New York State Assembly named Pamela Harris just ensured she’d be enjoying prison for a while. Harris decided to defraud the government aid systems for Hurricane Sandy relief, both at the federal and state level. She lied about damage to her home, took money from FEMA and a state relief program, went on vacation, and then continued to line her pockets.

This is about as bad as bad gets — taking money from programs where the funds would go to actual victims, and enriching yourself while others suffer. She should be ashamed of herself, but I’m sure she’s not. Hopefully, she’ll be able to reflect upon her terrible decisions while in prison. As of right now, she may have to serve 50 years, so she should have enough time. (Read More…)

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