Top Republican Resignation Notice – Goodbye

A high-ranking Republican official is under fire by his own party and calls for his resignation are mounting after a shocking scandal broke wide open.

Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston, an attorney by trade, is being accused of “unacceptable abuse of power and professional judgment” by preventing “access to justice for crime victims for 5-10 years,” reads a resolution against him filed by Republican leaders.

The controversy  is whether Ralston misused a provision in Georgia law that “allows attorney/legislators to obtain court date extensions to meet bona fide legislative obligations,” with many of the extensions he obtained being called “unjustifiable.”

According to reports, an examination of court records reveals that over 200 court dates for criminal cases have been delayed by Ralston in Gilmer County — a county he represents in the legislature — over the course of eight years.

Ralston has cited the law itself for cover. “Like other members of the General Assembly, I utilize this provision outside of the legislative session, when necessary, to attend to my legislative duties as both a state representative and Speaker of the House,” reads his letter.

“I’m honored to serve the members of the House of Representatives and to be one of 236 citizen-legislators serving our great state,” he continued. “I appreciate that I’m not the only one who must balance the responsibilities of my profession and my elected office.”

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