Top Republican Ordered To Resign… Sick Discovery

Many now expect Labor Secretary Alex Acosta to resign in the near future after it was revealed that he was responsible for the 2008 sweetheart deal Jeffrey Epstein got after his first arrest for alleged child trafficking and sex trafficking, the Daily Caller reported.

While no official word has yet been given, it would not be surprising if Acosta stepped down in the next week or two in the wake of questions about why Epstein got such a light sentence on earlier charges.

Epstein only served 13 months on two state prostitution charges in 2008. Even then, he had work release privileges 12 hours a day, six days a week. The terms of his plea were also kept from his victims by Acosta, an action that was ruled illegal in 2017.

Investigations have continued, however, and much more has been uncovered about Epstein’s activities as authorities have interviewed the girls Epstein allegedly trafficked as well as his staff that was involved in the operation.

Epstein now faces federal charges that carry a 45-year maxiumum sentence.

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