Top Republican Indicted – Shock Announcement

News about a top Republican being indicted just dropped and people are stunned. No one saw this announcement coming.

Michael Williams, who ran for governor of Georgia in 2018, has been indicted “on charges of insurance fraud and lying to investigators,” representing a major fall for the young politician.

Williams campaigned hard in the GOP primary for Georgia governor on supporting President Trump. He even repurposed a school bus and called it a ‘deportation bus,’ which he traveled in.

Interestingly enough, Trump never endorsed Williams in the primary. It makes one wonder if he knew something casual political observers did not about Williams’ integrity.

The candidate came in last place with only 4.8% of the vote and, later on, pleaded guilty under Georgia’s First Offender Act for falsely reporting the theft of computer servers from his office.

Whether it’s in DC or at the state level, the sooner we purge the political swamp of these bad actors, the better. Saying you back Trump doesn’t mean you deserve his support.

Read the full story here.

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