Top Republican Found MURDERED – Arrest Confirmed

A former Republican state senator was found dead outside her own home on June 4th.

Daily Mail reports:

“Authorities said Friday night they’ve arrested Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell, 48, of Pocahontas, Arkansas, in connection with the death of former state Sen. Linda Collins, 57.”

The shocking part is that the murder suspect was a staffer and friend of former senator Collins. The records for the case are sealed at this time. However, we do have some details on the investigation.

Fox News reports:

“Arkansas State Police have not released the connection between O’Donnell and Collin-Smith but a former communications director for the former Republican state senator told Little Rock’s KTHV-TV that O’Donnell had worked on Collins-Smith’s most recent campaign and the two were friends.”

It’s a terrifying situation. We know the suspect worked for and was friends with the former senator. What will be an important development is the motive of the shooter, which we will hopefully know soon.

All condolences to former senator Linda Collins and her family and a wish for speedy justice.

Read the full story here.

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