JUST IN: Top Republican Found Guilty of 23 Felonies… Faces Decades In Prison

We’ve seen a ton of Democrats go to jail in the last year, mostly for corruption-related charges or campaign finance violations. But there’s now going to be a Republican joining them.

Former Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas was just convicted of 23 felonies, and he’s being detained as a possible flight risk. Stockman is accused of multiple counts of wire fraud, corruption, and money laundering.

This disgraced man will learn the hard way that politicians can’t take advantage of their positions and their constituents. It doesn’t matter what party you represent; if you’re a criminal you should go to jail. (Read More…)

A year and a half later, Hillary Clinton still doesn’t know how she lost

For conservatives, it’s mind-boggling to think that anyone wouldn’t understand why Hillary Clinton lost the election in 2016. She’s so unlikable that we knew there was no way she could win.

Liberals on the other hand, including Hillary herself, just don’t get it. Hillary recently said that she still doesn’t understand what happened in 2016 to lead to Trump’s victory.

It’s simple, Hillary: You’re a crook who will say anything to get elected, and no one likes you. You’re welcome. (Read More…)

President Trump announces ‘Days of Remembrance’ for Holocaust victims

Remember in 2016 when Trump was called an anti-semite, in addition to all the other accusations? Well, this Thursday he announced that there will be a week devoted to remembering the Holocaust.

A recent report showed that the Holocaust is starting to slip from the collective memory of society, probably due simply to the passage of time and loss of almost all the survivors.

Creating a week devoted to remembering how terrible that genocide was will help Americans consider what real tyranny and violence are, and provide some perspective for the nonsense liberals complain about now. (Read More…)

Colin Kaepernick’s workouts with Seahawks postponed amid renewed kneeling controversy

When you trash America continually, it turns out that you might just hurt your career. Colin Kaepernick is learning that lesson the hard way.

Because Kaepernick refused to stop kneeling on the field to attract attention to himself, the Seahawks are hesitant to hire him. How hard is it for Kaepernick to just play football? (Read More…)

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