Top Republican ENDS IT – Shocks U.S. Senate

A high-ranking Republican just ended it. He shocked the U.S. Senate and the news is spreading nationwide. This GOP lawmaker isn’t playing around.

Florida’s former governor, Rick Scott, who now serves his state in the U.S. Senate, made it clear that any attempt by liberals to harm the Second Amendment rights of Americans will be defeated.

“This is like Groundhog Day, we have a shooting and Democrats want to take away your guns,” said Scott on Fox News. “They don’t want to solve problems, they want to take away your guns. That’s what totalitarian governments do.”

Democrats undoubtedly had a conniption over Scott’s comments, but he’s right. Liberals have one goal: Destroy the Second Amendment at all costs, even if it means politicizing a terrible tragedy.

Scott proposed a much different path and discussed action taken after the heartbreaking Parkland shooting as an example. “I got law enforcement together, mental health counselors together, and I got educators together,” he said.

He said that “within three weeks, we passed logical, common-sense legislation to make our schools and communities safer,” implying we should do the same thing at the national level.

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