Top Republican Dies Suddenly – Nation In Shock

Former Oklahoma state Sen. Jonathan Nichols, 53, was found dead in his home Wednesday after police received a call about someone with a gunshot wound, the Washington Examiner reported. His death is under investigation.

Nichols is the second former state GOP senator to be found dead in as many days. On Tuesday, Former Arkansas state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith, 56, also a Republican, was found shot in her home as well. Collins-Smith’s body was decomposing and it was unclear how long she had been dead; police are investigating it as a homicide.

Nichols served until 2012, while Collins-Smith lost her bid for re-election in 2018’s Republican primary. The two lived 400 miles apart in neigboring states.

A growing mystery is surrounding the two deaths because of their similar nature, even though they took place in different states and there was no apparent connection between the two victims other than both of them being former GOP state senators.

It is not known whether police will investigation possible unknown connections between these two deaths. In the end, they may determine that they were just a coincidence, or they may find a sinister connection between them after all.

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