BREAKING: Dems In Congress Are OUT – Top GOP Lawmaker Confirms…

It wasn’t even really a Senate majority. All it was was a 50-50 split, with Cacklin’ Kamala as the tiebreaker. But thanks to Joe “Macho” Manchin, the vote never got to Kamala, as it would have stalled in the Senate at 51-49 without Manchin’s support.

But whether Manchin sided with them or not isn’t even really the scariest thing about this situation. What America should really be terrified about is the fact that liberals thought they only needed a 50-50 Senate split to impose sweeping socialist changes across the nation.

The arrogance out of these people is absolutely ridiculous, and their entire plan backfired because they were unwilling to accept that what’s best for the liberal elite is NOT what’s best for the people of America.

One of the people that stood up to Democrats throughout this whole ordeal is Representative Mike Gallagher, a Republican from Wisconsin.

He blasted Democrats for assumingly they only needed this slim “majority” to initiate some of the most drastic changes America has ever seen.

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