BREAKING: Legislature MUTINY Overtakes Top Executive – Voters Shocked…

The Republican legislature of Kentucky recently voted to override Democrat Governor Andy Beshar’s veto on Wednesday that would have allowed biological males like Lia Thomas to continue to dominate women’s sports.

Let’s get this out of the way, if you don’t think males and females are built different, you can stop reading right now.

Now amount of common sense is going to straighten you out, and having that is kind of a prerequisite to understanding why men don’t belong on the field with our daughters.

GOP states have been leading the charge to protect female athletes around the country.

What liberals don’t seem to understand is that they claim to be standing up for women, but for every medal the lady born Will Thomas won at the national championships, that’s one less women that worked her entire life for that medal who didn’t get one.

She trained just as hard, her shoulders just weren’t quite as big and she never had testicles to send testosterone surging throughout her body.

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