Top Democrat’s Sick Move Caught On Tape

The testimony of Michael Cohen has been nothing short of despicable. As he made parting shots at President Trump before heading to prison for three years, one House Democrat showed her true colors in a nasty way.

Rep. Stacey Plaskett, a Democrat presenting the U.S. Virgin Islands, can be seen making an eye roll and giving other looks of disdain as Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) speaks during Cohen’s testimony to the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

The left-wing social media brigade picked up on this quickly and tweeted out support for Plaskett’s rude gestures. “Stacey Plaskett is all of us looking at Jim Jordan, the last person who should address anyone’s character,” wrote ESPN’s Jamele Hill.

Liberal talk show host Karen Hunter seized on the moment as well, tweeting, “@StaceyPlaskett is making me book a trip to the Virgin Island … because I know the food is gonna be good and the hospitality right up my ally. This is the meme/GIF/video of 2019.”

Other tweets from liberals sharing the video featured various encouragements for her behavior, including one calling her a “national treasure” and another saying Plaskett “is all of us listening to this bs”.

The Democrats are a sad lot. Because they are still losing, all they have are brief moments on social media to keep them active.  “Thanks @jemelehill for the support – my questions are coming soon – wait til then,” tweeted Plaskett.

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