BREAKING: Top Democrat Resigns… He’s Finally Gone

Every once in a while, karma catches up with a Democrat.

That may have been what happened to Florida DNC official, John Parker, who resigned last Wednesday after allegations of racism were leveled against him. Parker said “colored people” when referring to African-Americans, but said he meant to say “people of color.”

Parker said he misspoke, while others said that he’s actually a racist and he makes racist comments frequently. In either event, he’s been forced out of office and Democrats again are exposed as the hypocrites they are.  (Read More…)

Supporters rally behind Melania Trump after ‘disgusting attack’ from Jimmy Kimmel

Last week, Jimmy Kimmel, who pretends to do comedy on a late night show, decided to attack First Lady Melania Trump for having an accent. The clip he chose to mock was of Melania reading to children, no less.

A picture of Melania posted on the Facebook page “Conservative Comedy” asks if people like her accent and believe Kimmel is a pig. Support for the first lady and disdain for Kimmel is clearly overwhelming.

No one likes Kimmel’s brand of liberal, politically-charged “comedy.” Time to hang it up, Jimmy. (Read More…)

Michelle Obama faces backlash after comparing President Trump to a bad parent

While speaking at a conference, Michelle Obama managed to demean Americans while attacking President Trump. She compared her husband to President Trump, saying that her husband was the good dad, who made responsible choices, while Trump is the dad who breaks rules.

First off, Americans don’t need parents to tell them how to live, they need leaders willing to make difficult choices. Running from ISIS and hiding while the international community takes advantage of America is not being a responsible leader.

Americans are glad the Obamas are out of the White House and that President Trump is there to clean up the mess. (Read More…)

President Trump fulfills campaign promise, delivers severe blow to terror groups

In 2016, President Trump campaigned on the promise to destroy ISIS, and he is seriously getting the job done. Over the last year and 3 months, Trump has decimated ISIS and other terror groups in the Middle East and surrounding regions.

The American military savaged ISIS in Iraq, almost entirely pushing them out of the country. In Syria, the combined coalition forces, as well as Russian-backed troops, have all but removed them entirely. And Trump is even taking the battle to a different terrorist group in Somalia.

They can run, but they can’t hide. (Read More…)

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