Top Democrat Resigns – Allegations Were Too Much

A top Democrat has resigned after allegations of unethical behavior surfaced. The pressure was just too much to handle.

Former congressional candidate Joe Radinovich lost to his Republican opponent, Pete Stauber, in the 2018 election. Then he got a special taxpayer-funded deal.

The Minnesota politician soon landed a six-figure government job “after the state circumvented normal practices to hire him, posting the position for less than 24 hours,” according to FOX 9.

Normally, the rule is to post open state positions in Minnesota for at least 21 days before pulling them down, something Rep. Sandy Layman pointed out.

“There shouldn’t be exceptions made by political hires of this nature and I think people are rightly outraged,” Layman, a Republican, said.

Radinovich, in his resignation letter to the Department of Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation, wrote that “the circumstances surrounding my hiring at the agency” were distracting from the work.

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