Top Democrat Resigns Abruptly – He’s a Total Disgrace

A high-ranking Democrats just abruptly resigned from his influential post. He has exposed himself as a total disgrace, and justice is being served.

The former United Autoworkers Union (UAW) Vice President, Norwood Jewel, resigned as a national committee member for the Michigan Democratic Party after pleading guilty to breaking federal law and taking illegal bribes.

Norwood is facing up to 15 months in prison for his unethical behavior, which includes “receiving lucrative illegal benefits from Fiat Chrysler executives who were seeking concessions from him at the bargaining table” according to a report.

The Michigan GOP noted, “The fact he was still a Democrat super delegate after his confession, and was allowed to resign rather than being fired, shows corruption is still alive within the Michigan Democrat Party.”

If you follow the campaign money, there’s an obvious reason why Democrats were slow to ask for Norwood’s resignation. His position as both a UAW executive and a high-ranking member of the Democratic Party in Michigan had its perks.

Incumbent U.S. Senator Gary Peters of Michigan, for example, broke a fundraising record in the first quarter by bringing in nearly $1.9 million. His total comes to an astonishing $3 million, and the campaign season is just warming up. Democrat corruption is alive and well.

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