Top Democrat Removal Notice – Goodbye

A movement to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom is gaining steam with thousands of signatures out of the 1.5 million needed. Newsom is under criticism for attempting to give free benefits like medical care to illegal immigrants and for trying to get President Donald Trump’s name taken off the ballot in the state.

To recall a governor, 12% of the state’s citizens from 5 different counties need to sign a petiton saying they want him recalled. A new election is then held and the governor must win to stay in office.

In 2003, Gray Davis was recalled in a similar movement. 55% of the vote went to his challenger, Arnold Schwarznegger.

California has the highest state tax rate in the country at 13 percent. The estimated cost for Newsom’s immigrant initiatives is around $100 million annually.

Many California residents and businesses are leaving the state because of the high cost of living. Seven states, including several near California–Nevada, Washington, and Texas–have no sales tax at all.

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