Top Democrat QUITS Suddenly – Trump Is Smiling

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) was highly critical of the Democrat presidential candidates following the latest round of debates that took place in Detroit, Fox News reported.

“I was very disappointed when they left Detroit,” Dingell said to Neil Cavuto. To her, it seemed like the candidates were overly focused on “one-line practiced jabs” rather than discussing issues of concern to her constituents.

Dingell had been one of the few to predict that Trump could win in 2016 and thinks he could do it again in 2020 if Democrats don’t address issues like trade.

The congresswoman backs Trump’s planned China and also supported his trade deal with Mexico that avoided progressive tariffs and secured help to slow down immigration.

Dingell also said that the candidates’ discussion of health care only made some viewers more confused about the issue and wasn’t helpful. She feared more people would be worried about their healthcare after the debates rather than reassured.

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