Top Democrat PRISON Notice – Dems In Disbelief…

The Democrats have another scandal on their hands as we head into the 2020 election. Louisiana’s liberal governor, John Bel Edwards, could have major trouble at the ballot box this time around.

According to a major report, Gov. Edwards signed into law several bills meant to rehabilitate criminals, however, it appears that many were released from prison far too early and went on to commit crimes again.

Breitbart has noted that “state officials have said 14.25 percent of those nearly 2,000 released went on to commit more crime within their first year of release,” and there’s no telling whether the numbers will continue to rise.

Louisiana is has been a ‘deep red’ state for some time now, with the election of Edwards being a fluke. Republicans would be wise to capitalize on Edwards’ disconcerting record on crime and how it is affecting community safety.

There is something to be said about criminal justice reform, in which non-violent offenders have a chance for rehabilitation and reintegration into society. But such laws must be written carefully and precisely.

Democrats, in their anti-prison zeal, often put the proverbial cart before the horse — which can have devastating consequences for law-abiding citizens who want to live in peace.

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