Top Democrat Confesses – No Longer Supports America

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MN) used the 4th of July holiday to continue spreading twisted and untrue information about her country through her Twitter account. Tlaib retweeted an article that called the Declaration of Independence “sexist, racist, and prejudiced,” The Federalist Papers reported.

The article from Salon said that the nation’s founding document “was also a product of its time — and bears some of the shortcomings of its era, including sexism, racism and prejudice against Native Americans.”

It’s truly frightening how many Americans, particularly on the left, now believe that their country was created in such a flawed way and seem to overlook the inherent nature of our government to overcome flaws that may present themselves during its administration.

Even fellow far-leftie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez countered these sentiments in her own holiday retweet, in which Frederick Douglass used the Declaration to condemn slavery.

Speaking of the Declaration’s signers and our Founding Fathers, Douglass said, “With them, justice, liberty and humanity were ‘final;’ not slavery and oppression. You may well cherish the memory of such men.”

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