Bombshell: Top Democrat caught in horrific crime – on video

If you want to watch a liberal make a fool of herself, this is pure gold. And it also demonstrates why the NRA and other firearm advocacy groups push for responsible gun ownership: to stop stupid people like Virginia Democrat congressional candidate, Karen Mallard.

Mallard decided to pick up on an idiotic fad where people record themselves sawing an AR-15 rifle in half as a means of anti-gun protest. But instead, she committed a felony by sawing only the barrel of the rifle in half.

Her protest created an illegal, short-barrelled rifle. To top it off, Mallard is now under investigation by the ATF for her actions. Hopefully, this will keep her out of Congress. (Read More…)

Senator Dean Heller says Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire this summer

Appointments to the Supreme Court are a really, really big deal. A president only has 4 to 8 years of being in office, but a justice has lifetime tenure. With only 9 seats on the Court, every vote counts and some of them are really big. Same-sex marriage, the fate of Obamacare, the extent of Second Amendment protections, just to name a few.

According to Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, Justice Kennedy will likely be retiring this summer, meaning that by fall there could be another justice on the Court. This is absolutely fantastic news.

With a solidly conservative justice, conservatives can assure that the liberal agenda will face serious roadblocks. Kennedy has been a total squish on most issues, so of all the “right-leaning” justices, he’s the best to replace. (Read More…)

Vladimir Putin praises Trump, says U.S. is ‘eating itself up’

Putin is pretty good at stirring the pot. In an interview with state-run Russian media, Putin praised Trump while saying that the U.S. political system is “eating itself up.” I hate to say it, but Putin has a point. Even if he’s just saying it to rile up liberals and perpetuate the nonsensical Trump-Russia collusion story, he’s right.

Americans are incredibly politically divided, particularly since Trump’s election. The media have only made the situation worse by publishing lies and unsubstantiated claims, and Democrats have tried to use the discontent to their advantage. If the media and Democrats weren’t so dishonest, America would be much better off. (Read More…)

U.S. launched 8 airstrikes against ISIS in Libya – stayed quiet about 4 of them

ISIS has been getting decimated in the Middle East since Trump took office. This has been pretty well reported. Apparently, the American military has been taking it to them in Africa also, but they haven’t released the information to the news.

The Pentagon previously confirmed four strikes against ISIS militants in Libya, but there have actually been eight. According to an official, the Pentagon’s policy is only to confirm strikes when they’re asked specifically about them. This is a characteristic Trump policy: don’t show your cards, and hit the enemy hard. He wins for a reason. (Read More…)

DOJ to release Obama-era ‘Fast and Furious’ records

We all knew that his past would catch up with him. Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder were involved in one of the greatest scandals in American history. Through the ATF, the administration funneled 2,000 weapons to Mexican drug cartel members, supposedly to track the weapons.

Eventually, one of those weapons was used to murder a border security officer, and the scandal exploded. But it’s been incredibly difficult to investigate because the administration wouldn’t release any of the documents. Republican Rep. Issa has just gotten through the red tape in the House Oversight Committee, and the DOJ is forcing former Obama administration members to release them.

The game is up, and they’re in trouble. Obama has to face the music eventually. (Read More…)

FBI arrests man who allegedly plotted three murders in New York City

50-year-old Joel Rosquette was arrested in New York City for murder-for-hire. He contracted with an undercover FBI agent posing as a contract killer to have three people murdered. What makes this even more disgusting is that two of his intended victims are teenagers.

Rosquette was apparently upset at them for being noisy and dealing drugs in a nearby apartment. But instead of calling the police with a noise complaint, he apparently thought assassination was a better idea. He can think about his incredibly stupid choice for years to come in prison – where he belongs. (Read More…)

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