Developing: Top Democrat Accused In Sex Trafficking Bombshell…

The arrest of the late Jeffrey Epstein and the reopening of his case has created huge fallout for top politicians, most of whom are Democrats or otherwise famous liberals.

When it’s all said and done, a lot of powerful people could wind up in prison. And now that he’s gone, there’s no telling how many more victims will come forward, knowing that they can rest-assured that Epstein can’t hurt them anymore.

Already, one former victim of Epstein’s came forward to level accusations at many well-known figures. Those accused include Britain’s Prince Andrew, Hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin, Scientist Marvin Minsky, and others.

It’s becoming obvious that some of the world’s most powerful and wealthy figures were linked to Epstein and suspicions have now been cast over the entire liberal establishment, with new names seemingly working their way into media reports every time some new document is revealed.

Most notable as of late were two former power players in the Democrat party, Former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson and former Senate majority leader George Mitchell. These are powerful Democrats and Bill Richardson is tightly linked to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Of course, the accusations are unproven and all accused have vehemently denied them. But this is why it is so important a full investigation be conducted. Even with Epstein dead, the FBI and DOJ should do everything they can to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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