Top Conservative Host Banned – Censorship Is Real

One of the most popular and influential conservative talk show hosts of all time is being forced off of the air.

Despite being listed as the number 2 talk show in America, only behind Rush Limbaugh, Savage is being dropped by major stations in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington D.C.

So what gives? The Washington Times talked to Savage’s lawyer Daniel Horowitz:

“Michael’s voice, unlike [his conservative competitors] has always been very independent,” Horowitz said. “Savage is completely a wild card, right? And that’s what they’re trying to kill. It’s all about corporate control. Taking him off the air is not a business decision.”

Conspiracy theory? Think again. Think Alex Jones. Think Megyn Kelly. Just a couple years ago, booting these big money media draws would’ve been unthinkable. Fast forward a couple of politically incorrect blinks later and indeed, the unthinkable has occurred.

Michael Savage, in that same vein, could very well be the next nationally known victim of media censorship.

“Networks are actually losing millions of dollars in order to keep Michael’s voice off these stations,” Horowitz said.

Yes, indeed. “The Savage Nation” could indeed be the next casualty of corporate censorship. And what a sad, sorry shame that will be for a nation already suffering from the plight of having too-few-and-far-between original thinkers.

Michael Savage is an original thinker. Like him or not, it’s wrong to censor his voice.

Read the full story here.

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