BREAKING: They Want Him OUT – The Tide Has Turned…

For whatever reason, Pennsylvania University thought they were going to get some brownie points from around the world by proudly gloating that they had allowed a biological male on their female swimming team, and he was smashing records left and right.

It didn’t take long for them to realize they hadn’t created a marketing machine, they’d created a marketing nightmare.

Anybody with a bit of common sense about them knows what happens when you allow both sexes to compete in the same athletic arena. Men are naturally stronger and faster than women, and the results reflect that.

For example, the female WORLD RECORD for the 100-meter dash is 10.61 seconds, held by Elaine Thompson-Herah. That doesn’t even compare to male HIGH SCHOOL records. A month after his high school graduation in 2014, 19-year-old Trentavis Friday ran ten seconds flat in the 2014 USATF Junior Championships.

So we’ve established that world record-holding women can’t keep up with 19-year-old boys. Liberals don’t care though, instead applauding Lia Thomas as she destroys the records her female counterparts worked so hard to set.

This doesn’t prop up female sports, it destroys them. If liberals cared about women in sports, they’d realize that. But they don’t care about women in sports, they care about gaslighting.

Now, icons of the sport are finally speaking out. Hopefully enough time has passed since Lia Thomas burst onto the scene that we’re allowed a chance to speak our minds without immediately being called sexists.

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