BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets ABANDONED – They’ve Already LEFT

For some reason, Biden keeps pushing socialist ideas on the American people, even though we’ve told him time and time again that we don’t want them.

Okay, so he’s still not getting the photo. Maybe we need to take action. After all, actions speak louder than words, right?

Well, that’s exactly what millions of Americans have done already, but Biden and friends still aren’t listening.

Blue states that have repeatedly enforced mask, vaccine, and lockdown mandates have been steadily losing residents to red states over the course of Biden’s presidency. The implication is simple enough: liberal policies are failing Americans.

In the last year, New York is down 319,000 residents, California has lost 262,000 residents, and Illinois has seen 114,000 people leave the state.

By comparison, Texas and Florida have combined to gain over 500,000 new residents in the last year.

And Biden STILL doesn’t get it…

The only people that don’t see it that way are the ones in the White House.

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