They’re Erasing Republican Votes In Florida

After it was discovered that the Broward County recount in Florida was on track to give over 700 votes each to Republicans Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis, the county brazenly ‘missed’ a vital deadline by 2 minutes – striking down the recount results.

In other words, the Democrat-controlled county effectively killed their own recount when they realized it wouldn’t help the Democrat Party. And they did it while the entire world was watching.

After the most recent series of election corruption stories spilling out of Democrat-controlled enclaves, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that election fraud is a real problem in America.

This is un-American, of course. But it’s also un-Democratic. Maybe the “Democratic Party” should rename themselves. “Corrupt Elitist” party would be substantially more accurate.

Breitbart has more on this story.

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