They Found His Body… Details Pouring In

Authorities have found his body, and even more details are pouring in as the investigation continues. This awful news has captured the entire world.

A renowned magician in India known as Wizard Mandrake is dead after a trick he’s accomplished before ended in tragedy. Family, friends, and fans were watching at the entire scene unfolded on the Ganges River.

According to reports, the magician was attempting to pull off in a trick in which his hands and legs are bound with chains and rope as he’s lowered into the river. Unfortunately, the man never re-surfaced successfully.

After he was released into the water, it was known almost immediately that the trick didn’t work. Then what’s been called a “frantic” search for Mandrake begin.

The last time he pulled off a similar stunt was over 20 years ago in the very same river. Highly dangerous, potentially fatal tricks can often be accomplished by trained stuntmen like Mandrake, but sometimes, tragedy still strikes.

The world is now mourning the loss of a major talent who entertained millions over the years, especially his countless fans in India.

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