BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Confirms Shocking Rumor – They’re LEAVING…

On January 25, FNC host Tucker Carlson unloaded like only he can, torching the Biden administration about their newest failure: the Ukraine border.

American troops are officially shipping out, leaving their families to post up on a different continent.

To Tucker, the message that Biden is sending by putting troops on Ukraine’s border and not our own southern border perfectly demonstrates the attitude the White House has had all along: “unwillingness to defend the country’s national sovereignty.”

The simple fact of the matter is that Joe Biden has absolutely ZERO interest in protecting America. Ukraine has continually said that they are not anticipating a Russian invasion, so why are American troops posting up there?

Doesn’t it seem like we could really use them at our southern border, where agents are being overwhelmed by illegal immigrants? Joe Biden doesn’t think so, but that’s because he WANTS illegal immigrants.

According to him, the more people he indiscriminately welcomes into our country, the more votes he’ll get in 2024, legitimate or not.

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