BREAKING: Clinton Insider Leaks Bombshell – They’re In CHAOS

On January 21, former Clinton advisor Mark Penn reacted to a poll that showed only 17% of Democrats favored former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton being the party’s nominee if Joe Biden doesn’t run in 2024.

“The Democratic Party is in chaos.”

There’s no enthusiasm for Biden, people hate Kamala Harris, and the next-best replacement is polling at 17%. Yep, sounds like chaos.

“I would say that 17% is a very weak number,” Penn said. “I did not sense in this poll ‘bring back Hillary.’ She used to start out in these races at 30, 40, 45, 50 when the country really wanted Hillary. This says to me the country really wants to go forward, you know, not back. They’re not giving any votes to Kamala Harris either. They don’t really like Joe Biden for a second term, so I think the Democratic Party is in chaos, and in contrast, the Republican Party is ready to consolidate around former President Trump.”

“I thought Hillary Clinton might get much stronger numbers,” Penn concluded. “But it’s just not what the Democrat electorate is saying. They want somebody new. They want somebody younger. They want somebody fresher. I don’t see Hillary really making a comeback here … as tantalizing as it is.”

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